Today’s Designer Fashion Through Diamond Jewelry

Nothing could be truer than the popular saying which goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. These precious bits of stones can make any woman go weak on her behalf knees. The only thing that could make her speechless is a diamond in perfect cut and clarity. Be it a marriage, festival, birthday or anniversary, diamonds choose every occasion. Being a perfect gift for each woman in your lifetime, exquisite diamond jewelry has transformed into the call of the day. Gone are the times when women was once attracted to gold. The much adored yellow metal seems to have lost its gleam in comparison with diamonds. Gold has gone out, diamonds are in.

Because it is said, however important the 4 C’s of diamond are – beauty is the sole arbiter. All diamonds should show Fire, Life, and Brilliance. Fire is the beautiful rainbow effect that’s produced by the dispersion of light, Life is the scintillation and sparkle whenever you move the stone in front of your eyes, and Brilliance is the brightness of the diamond due to reflected white light when the diamond is still. As compared to the fire diamonds are ice diamonds which are loose diamonds in inferior quality. They don’t the fire in it but comes with an ice effect which makes it much cheaper in price that another diamonds.

Within the Indian market segment, typically the most popular accessory is a diamond ring. It enjoys the highest emotional value because gifting a ring is a sign of commitment, be it an engagement ring or wedding ring. It can be an accessory which will be a total necessity in every woman’s vanity box. The jewelers offer various designs makes and cuts in this segment. They’re offering various options in diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings to match every price segment.

Bracelet can be an accessory that has evolved through the times. Women prefer to have varied kinds of bracelets rather than buying bangles and Kaddas. However, a diamond bracelet is something which falls under a higher range segment.

Fine Antique and Vintage Jewelry
Lately there is a huge new trend in the market which will be the love and fascination for the old. Antique jewelry and diamonds in old cuts like the Rose cut etc are in vague. Antique and vintage jewelry are old-fashioned, difficult to get pieces which are exclusive and were made centuries ago.

Victorian jewelry is inspired by the tastes and choices of the fantastic Queen Victoria who revolutionized the jewelry patterns and came up with the best and ornate works. Her jewelry features a peculiar aura to be romantic and sentimental. The Victorians loved jewelry and adornments were an indicator of wealth and status. The Industrial revolution and all its new ideas and progression bought jewelry to the masses as more could afford to get goods. It had been a good as time passes new and existing material and processes changing the facial skin of jewelry. Usually diamonds were used, installed on either silver or gold pieces. Silver inspirational necklaces often used diamonds in either ‘brilliant cut’, ‘rose cut’ or ‘cushion cut’ that produced unique beaded necklaces. Flowers, hearts, bows and birds inspired beautiful bits of jewelry which showed the craftsmanship of the Victorian age.

Today Victorian jewelry is prized because of its values in quality and excellence. It’s often found in antique replica necklaces, cameo costume jewelry and precious diamond necklaces to call but a few. Slice diamonds are generally found in the jewelry which are sliced from underneath and are flat. It comes in many antique jewelry galleries.

Today, for that special anniversary, wedding or occasion the Victorian standard comes back to play. Antique jewelry from the UK is of a good quality to many and is usually used today as antique wedding necklaces or vintage wedding necklaces. The Victorian jewelry with all its glamour, uniqueness and quality is extremely worthy of weddings indeed.

Old Cuts in Diamonds
Another old fashioned type which will be in vague these days is the Rose Cut diamond. One of many key features that distinguish an excellent 鑽石耳環 diamond from an average one is the cut. You will find varied cuts in diamond jewelry which attracts the tastes of the people. One among typically the most popular is the Rose Cut diamond. It got its name from the opening model of a rose bud that your diamond appears to resemble. Its facets resemble the tightly packed rose bud petals. The bottom is flat. The crown is domed shaped and the facets meet in a place in the center. The number of facets varies from 3, 6, 12, and 18 to 24 facets. With the brand new advancements in the cutting techniques of diamonds, the brilliance of the rose cut also increased manifold. True antique cut diamonds have become scarce and valuable. Lately there is a huge sudden upsurge in the demand of rose cut diamond in America, which includes increased its demand and value further. The reason behind the revival of the rose cut is again the modern trend among individuals to go everything exotic and antique.

However there is a place of caution while choosing antique or vintage jewelry. As they are old pieces one has to be careful before buying pieces as chances are that they may not be real but only cheap imitations of the original. Secondly antique should not be judged by modern standards, as told before. The old cut diamonds were cut to maximize carat weight, not ‘fire’ and were also cut by hand. That’s why the proportions of old diamonds are quite different from their modern counterparts

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