Rookies to watch For Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues

Rookies can have a big impact on your weekly fantasy football leagues. Knowing who could step up and become a star will have a huge effect on your teams performance. Keep and eye on these kids, they could make the difference between winning and loosing in your weekly fantasy football league.

  1. )C. J. Spiller running back/return specialist-Buffalo Bills
    Spiller is one of those type of players (barring injury) that has the talent and excitability to make and impact and make a possible run at the Pro Bowl as just a rookie. There isn’t a running back on the Bills roster who is in his class as an overall athlete or football player. Yes he will share carries with the incumbent Marshawn Lynch among other backs, but you better believe it that Spiller’s presence somehow will be felt in the 2010 season and NFL betting is taking notice. Young backs like this can turn the tides when deciding which team to put into your NFL parlay bet.
  2. )Jimmy Clausen quarterback-Carolina Panthers สล็อต777
    To a certain extent in 2010 Clausen will have a chip on his shoulder for being selected in the 2010 Draft much later than he or any else expected. But that chip may only go so far, he needs consistency from his receivers and some good protection from his line. Oh yeah, he has to find a way to beat out the incumbent and older Matt Moore for the starting quarterback job.
  3. )Ndamukong Suh defensive tackle-Detroit Lions
    Suh somehow someway will make an impact on the Lions in 2010. Even an average effort from him can be better than a lot of defensive tackle’s B grade or above efforts.
  4. )Jermaine Gresham tight end-Cincinnati Bengals
    Has to stay healthy and if he does, look out. This kid has a world of talent.

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