Reliable Inverter of High-Performance: SAJ R5 Series

As the importance of carbon neutrality is being recognized, the rapid development of sustainable industry and clean energy has paved the way. SAJ, a frontier of the photovoltaic industry, proudly introduces its residential on-grid solar inverter SAJ R5 Series . Compact in size, it has outstanding efficiency and superior stability. With an extra-quite operating state and the adaptation to mainstream residential solar panels, SAJ R5 Series is surely a wise choice for household rooftop use.

Trusty Solar Inverter: Proudly Created by SAJ

As a zero carbon energy technology leader, SAJ has devoted all its expertise to developing the R5 Series residential PV grid-connected inverters.

Compact in Size, Stable in Use.

Remarkably, SAJ has integrated a power output range of up to 12kW into a book-sized inverter. SAJ has also equipped the R5 Series with overheating protection and weatherproof performance. This is due to the strong R&D team and manufacturing capabilities of SAJ.

Hearing from the Distant, Monitoring in your Pocket.

Thoughtfully, the operational state of the electrical system is closely related to life safety and is a matter of prudent concern for every homeowner. SAJ R5 Series inverter not only has superb working stability and reliability but it is also equipped with an early warning system. Homeowners only need to open the app on their cell phones, they can monitor the operation state of the inverter in real-time.

Spotlight of SAJ R5 Series Inverter

– Adaptation of String Current Up to 15A: Wide range of adaptations towards current makes it work well with mainstream PV modules in the market.

– Durable Die-Casting Structure: Manufactured with high-end techniques, the inverters are extremely tough and reliable.

– No-External-Fan: The metal casing and overheat protection mechanism make it work calmly, and the no-external-fan design makes it quiet and suitable for residential use.

With an energy conversion efficiency of up to 98% or more, SAJ R5 Series is destined to become a robust, durable, and efficient grid-connected PV inverter.


Established in 2005, SAJ focuses on the conversion of green energy. They are dedicated to using their cutting-edge technologies to assist consumers in using clean energy and reducing carbon emissions, adhering to the idea of being technology-driven and service-leading.

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