Is Internet marketing and Making Money Sites For Real, Or just a load of You know what?

If you are anything like me you look at the Internet marketing stuff that you get bombarded with on a daily basis as nothing more then useless stuff that people try and sell you. My first thought is “will this really work”. Do they really, I mean really, have something that no one has ever seen before or will be it be a bunch of hype and bad copy.

Don’t forget the up-sell, you buy something for a reasonable price (you think) and then you get the up-sell. What you got was OK but not all the information, 무료스포츠중계 what you really need is this $$$$$$ item. What is with that, doesn’t anyone just sell something for what it is and nothing more, I mean come on.

I do think there is some really good information out there, so here is my plan for checking it out. First, don’t go to Google thinking you will find some unbiased opinion because 99. 9% of the sites will be trying to sell the same stuff and they are just trying to get a sale (I don’t have a problem with that except they will not be totally unbiased including me). Look on the bottom of the sales page to see if they have an affiliate link. Look at that page and you will get a lot of information and insights about that product. Go to Clickbank and get a free account, then, look up the sales information to find out about it. Note if there are a lot of Clickbank returns, then don’t buy it. Other people have sent it back for a good reason. Look for other products sold by the same person to see what else they are selling and if there is an “up-sell”. And finally, always click off the sales page to see if there is a reduced price. This is the latest way to get you to buy. I think it stinks because they just sold it to somebody that didn’t do that and paid full price.

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