IELTS Academic Weekend Course – All you need to know

IELTS Academic Weekend Course – All you need to know

Countries such as the UK, USA, New Zealand, and Canada are famous for accommodating foreign students because of the benefits they provide. Students also dream of going to these countries for higher education. These countries all have English as their native language IELTS course fee in sri lanka . This means that foreign students who want to apply for scholarships in these countries should also be experts in English. The students are required to show that they have good skills in the English language.

That’s where the International English Language Testing System or IELTS comes in.

It assesses your abilities to understand and speak fluent English and grades you based on your performance. The four parts of the IELTS exam i.e. listening, writing, reading, and speaking cover every aspect of the English language. Being able to communicate in English and comes with a lot of benefits including better job opportunities and integration into society.

Types of IELTS

Based on the purpose it is being used for, IELTS has the following two types.

IELTS Academic 

The IELTS Academic is for students who want to pursue graduation or a higher degree. It is also meant for students who have completed their studies and want to build a career in an English-speaking country.

IELTS General Training

The General Training test is easier than Academic as it is for students who want to study abroad below degree level. It can also be for those who want to pursue a job opportunity.

IELTS Grading System

IELTS is considered a fair and accurate testing system and its grades are accepted all over the world. The four papers of the exam i.e. listening test, writing test, reading test, and speaking test are all conducted separately. During each of these, many questions are asked of the students. The combined score of all the papers is then converted into bands which range from 0-9.

Here is what bands mean in IELTS.

  • Band 9: skill level of the test taker is expert and they have command over English.
  • Band 8: skill level of the test taker is very good and they also have command of the English language except in unfamiliar circumstances.
  • Band 7: the test taker has a good skill level and has a command of English but can get confused occasionally.
  • Band 6: the candidate is competent and good in English but can display some inaccuracies and misunderstandings regarding English.
  • Band 5: the test taker has modest skills in English and is prone to mistakes and misunderstandings while communicating in English.
  • Band 4: the candidate has limited knowledge of the English language and only understands familiar situations. 
  • Band 3: with a very limited skill level of English, the candidate can only understand English in very familiar situations.
  • Band 2: the test taker is intermittent in skill level and makes many mistakes while reading or listening to English.
  • Band 1: the test taker is not a user of the English language and can only understand a few words.
  • Band 0: the test taker didn’t take the exam and didn’t answer any questions.

Although IELTS has two types, the current context is about the Academic IELTS. Following is an IELTS course in Sri Lanka that offers exclusive training and learning material to help you secure a good band in the IELTS exam.

IELTS Academic Weekend Course Fast Track – Saturday and Sunday

This is a weekend course that is perfect for people who are busy during the weekdays. Richcom Education based in Sri Lanka offers this course for people who want to go out and pursue higher education. This institute is one of the most prestigious ones in Sri Lanka and has everything that you will need to excel at your test.

What does the course offer?

Although Richcom Education offers General and skill-oriented courses like speaking, reading, and writing, this course is focused on preparing you for the Academic IELTS exam. It offers the best IELTS classes in Colomboand has trainers and tutors who have 20+ years of experience to their name in this field.

Here is what this course will focus on developing:

  • Listening skills

The better you are at listening, the better you understand the context. The course trains for improvement in your listening skills and offers you enough training, exercises, and recordings from native speakers. This helps you get acclimatized to what you will experience in the IELTS exam.

  • Reading skills

In the IELTS exam, you are presented with passages and other reading material chosen by the authorities. You will only be able to read those passages only once and will be required to answer questions. The answers are hidden in the context and all you have to do is fish them out in the allotted time. Enhancing your abilities to read fast, understand the context, and look for answers is the main focus of this IELTS preparation course in Sri Lanka.

  • Writing skills

Passing the IELTS exam doesn’t only require a lot of words put together but consistency and variety are the keys to securing a good band. You will have to show extensive vocabulary and good grammar to pass the test with an 8+ band score. This weekend fast track course will help you do exactly that.

  • Speaking skills

Fluency, confidence, and good English is the way to go if you want to return victorious from the speaking test. During this part of the exam, an interviewer will converse with you on matters and topics common in society. In 11-14 minutes, you will be subjected to answer short questions, mostly introductory, and long questions. The course under discussion will help you build confidence and speak fluent English for a long time.

Course structure, schedule, & fee

  • 10 lessons covering 30 credit hours
  • Classes on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM
  • 6 students in a class
  • The fee for the entire course is රු30,000

At රු30,000 for the entire course, this is the best possible option in Sri Lanka to help you get prepared for the Academic IELTS exam in less than one month. The course is affordable for everyone.

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