Flag Football Tips – Flag Pulling 101

Missing a flag is guaranteed to gain the other team 7 to 15 yards or worse like I said before a Touchdown. To remedy this problem of missing flags a team should make this part of practice. Practice is the only way that you will train your body to position and pull a flag without injury. Yes I said injury there is a reason most leagues prohibit the wear of shorts with pockets or sweats. I have seen fingers bent in odd shapes from getting caught in shorts, flag belt, etc. So below I am going to list my 3 tips on pulling the flag or stopping the play

Flag Football Tip One – Get in the way of the Runner

Sounds simple right. But you would be wrong it can lead to you getting a shoulder to the throat or chest area if done incorrectly. What you want to do is best you can position yourself in front of the on coming runner and grazing across the mid section or back if your chasing and pull the flag, always pull down never across. Pulling across can lead to injury

Flag Football Tip Two – Keep your Feet don’t Fall for the Head Fake ทีเด็ดบอล

What i mean by Keep your Feet is this keep them moving. If you have ever played football then you know that standing flat or still will get you faked out of your socks. What you want to do along with tip one, is to chop your feet and move with the runner. Notice i said move with the runner and not reaching for the flag – reaching will get beat when trying to pull the flag. Instead of grabbing the flag you will grab something else (lol)

Flag Football Tip Three – Penalty

Yes i know what your thinking take a penalty. Sometimes you have to, me personally I would rather a 15 yard penalty for grabbing then a game changing touchdown. This can sometime change the course of a game. 15 yards. I suggest depending on field position, time, score, etc. Just grab the guy take the penalty and try again. Some call it cheap, I call it field savvy. I once jumped offsides before the start of a play to allow my late arriving teammates to get on the field. I know what your thinking just call a timeout. Nope, you need timeout’s plus I would rather take the 5 yards get my guys on the field and save my timeout’s. Again Field Savvy.

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